Biogenic Graded Bedding

Science / Marine Biology / Biogenic Graded Bedding: A regular change of sediment median grain size with depth below the sediment-water interface caused by the activities of burrowing organisms

Graded Stream

Science / Geology / Graded Stream: A stream whose smooth profile is unbroken by resistant ledges, lakes, or waterfalls, and which maintains exactly the velocity required to carry the sediment provided to it. MORE

Graded Vesting

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Graded Vesting: A schedule used for vesting purposes, in which the vesting occurs over a period of five to 15 years. MORE

Graded Wash

Life Style / Painting / Graded Wash: A wash that smoothly changes in value from dark to light. Most noted in landscape painting for open sky work, but an essential skill for watercolour painting in general. MORE

Graded Bedding

Science / Geology / Graded Bedding: A rock layer that has a progressive change in particle size from top to bottom. Most common is a sequence with coarse grains at the bottom and fining upwards, which is typically caused by a declining MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Featherbedding: An unfair labor practice occurring when a union requires an employer to pay an employee for services he or she did not perform. MORE

Bedding Plane

Science / Geology / Bedding Plane: A distinct surface of contact between two sedimentary rock layers. MORE