Science / Marine Biology / Boring: Capable of penetrating a solid substratum by scraping or chemical dissolution

Other Words for Boring

Boring Adjective Synonyms: dull, monotonous, tedious, humdrum, tiresome, dreary, flat, dead, uninteresting, unexciting, ennuyant, stale, tired, dry, dry-as-dust, arid, tiring, wearying, wearisome, exhausting, soporific, repetitious, wordy, prolix, unending, long-drawn-out

Boring Tool

Business / Machine Shop / Boring Tool: A cutting tool in which the tool bit the boring bar and, in some cases, the tool holder are incorporated in one solid piece. MORE

Boring Bar

Business / Machine Shop / Boring Bar: A combination tool holder and shank. MORE

Adjoining Rooms

Life Style / Travel / Adjoining Rooms: Neighboring hotel rooms that do not have doors connected between them. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Tanzania: The best and most characteristic Tanzanian coffees display a rich flavor and full body, with a vibrantly winy acidity that makes them resemble the coffees of neighboring Kenya. Others are softer, gent MORE

Compound Wound DC Motors

Technology / Motors / Compound Wound DC Motors: Designed with both a series and shunt field winding, the compound motor is used where the primary load requirement is heavy starting torque, and adjustable speed is not required. (See Paralleling) Als MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Bore: To enlarge and finish the surface of a cylindrical hole by the action of a rotating boring bar (cutting tool) or by the action of a stationary tool pressed (fed) against the surface as the part is rot MORE