Character Displacement

Science / Marine Biology / Character Displacement: A pattern in which two species with overlapping ecological requirements differ more when they co-occur than when they do not. The difference is usually in a morphological feature related to resource exploitation, as in the case of head size, which may be related to prey size

Other Words for Character

Character Noun Synonyms: brand, stamp, mark, symbol, monogram, insigne, badge, emblem, sign, seal, label, letter, number, figure, type, sort, arbitrary, peculiar, rune, hieroglyphic or hieroglyph


Business / Taxes / Recharacterization: When you have converted one type of individual retirement account (IRA) to another type — such as a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA — and then convert it back to the original type, you are recharact MORE

Representative Character

Entertainment / Literature / Representative Character: A flat character who embodies all of the other members of a group (such as teachers, students, cowboys, detectives, and so on). Representative characters are often stereotypes. They need not be deroga MORE

Round Character

Entertainment / Literature / Round Character: A round character is depicted with such psychological depth and detail that he or she seems like a 'real' person. The round character contrasts with the flat character, a character who serves a specif MORE

Protected Characteristics

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Protected Characteristics: Legal terminology referring to areas protected by federal or state statutes. MORE

Pressure Characteristic

Science / Weather / Pressure Characteristic: The pattern of the pressure change during the specified period of time, usually the three hour period preceding an observation. This is recorded in three categories: falling, rising, or steady. MORE

Paper Characteristic Curve

Entertainment / Photography / Paper Characteristic Curve: Describes a graphical relationship between exposure values and image density of a printing paper. Each brand of paper may have a different initial characteristic curve. The shape of the curve can be a MORE