Science / Marine Biology / Chromosome: A linear sequence of genes wound up with proteins into a single unit that is found in the nucleus of cells. See also DNA, genes.

Chromosome Region Q

Science / Genetics / Chromosome Region Q: A designation for the long arm of a chromosome. MORE

Chromosome Region P

Science / Genetics / Chromosome Region P: A designation for the short arm of a chromosome. MORE

Homologous Chromosome

Science / Genetics / Homologous Chromosome: Chromosome containing the same linear gene sequences as another, each derived from one parent. MORE

Premature Chromosome Condensation (PCC)

Science / Genetics / Premature Chromosome Condensation (PCC): A method of studying chromosomes in the interphase stage of the cell cycle. MORE

Chromosome Banding

Science / Genetics / Chromosome Banding: A technique for staining chromosomes so that bands appear in a unique pattern particular to the chromosome. MORE

Sex Chromosome

Science / Genetics / Sex Chromosome: The x or y chromosome in human beings that determines the sex of an individual. Females have two x chromosomes in diploid cells: males have an x and a y chromosome. The sex chromosomes comprise the 23 MORE