Comb Jellies

Science / Marine Biology / Comb Jellies: Members of the phylum Ctenophora, a group of gelatinous forms feeding on smaller zooplankton

Honey Combs

Business / Construction / Honey Combs: The appearance concrete makes when rocks in the concrete are visible and where there are void areas in the foundation wall, especially around concrete foundation windows. MORE

Incomplete Combustion

Science / Chemistry / Incomplete Combustion: A combustion reaction or process that does not convert all of the fuel's carbon and hydrogen into carbon dioxide and water, respectively. For example, incomplete combustion of carbon produces carbon m MORE

Law Of Combining Volumes

Science / Chemistry / Law Of Combining Volumes: When gases react, they do so in a definite proportion by volume, if the volumes are measured at the same pressure and temperature. For example, in the reaction N2(g) + 3 H2(g) = 2 NH3(g), 3 liters of MORE

Homologous Recombination

Science / Genetics / Homologous Recombination: Swapping of dna fragments between paired chromosomes. MORE

Enthalpy Of Combustion

Science / Chemistry / Enthalpy Of Combustion: The change in enthalpy when one mole of compound is completely combusted. All carbon in the compound is converted to CO2(g), all hydrogen to H2O(ell), all sulfur to SO2(g), and all nitrogen to N2(g). MORE

Combustion Gases

Business / Real Estate / Combustion Gases: The gasses that are emitted from a flame upon the combustion of a flammable material. MORE