Science / Marine Biology / Community: A naturally occurring group of plants and animals that live within a certain environment and interact with each other. Communities are often defined by a dominant species (e.g. Kelp forest community) or the major physical characteristics of the area (e.g. Mud flats).

Closed Community

Science / Biology / Closed Community: A community in which populations have similar range boundaries and density peaks; forms a discrete unit with sharp boundaries. MORE

Open Community

Science / Biology / Open Community: A community in which the populations have different density peaks and range boundaries and are distributed more or less randomly. MORE

Climax Community

Science / Biology / Climax Community: The stage in community succession where the community has become relatively stable through successful adjustment to its environment. MORE

Stressed Community

Science / Biology / Stressed Community: A community that is disturbed by human activity, such as road building or pollution, and is inadvertently simplified. Some species become superabundant while others disappear. MORE

Community Simplification

Science / Biology / Community Simplification: The reduction of overall species diversity in a community; generally caused by human activity. MORE

Community Succession

Science / Biology / Community Succession: The sequential replacement of species in a community by immigration of new species and by local extinction of old ones. MORE