Conservation Biology

Science / Marine Biology / Conservation Biology: A field of science that deals with threats to biodiversity. The goals of conservation biology are to investigate human impacts of biodiversity and to develop approaches to prevent extinction through stewardship of entire biological communities.

Other Words for Conservation

Conservation Adverb Synonyms: preservation, protection, safe keeping, maintenance, upkeep, management, safeguarding, husbandry, economy

Habitat Conservation Plans (Hcps)

Business / Agriculture / Habitat Conservation Plans (Hcps): Plans prepared under the Endangered Species Act, by nonfederal parties wishing to obtain permits for incidental taking of threatened and endangered species. The number of hcps has expanded enough in t MORE

Law Of Conservation Of Mass

Science / Chemistry / Law Of Conservation Of Mass: There is no change in total mass during a chemical change. The demonstration of conservation of mass by Antoine Lavoisier in the late 18th century was a milestone in the development of modern chemistr MORE

Molecular Biology

Science / Biology / Molecular Biology: Field of biology that studies the molecular level of organization. MORE

Great Plains Conservation Program (GPCP)

Business / Agriculture / Great Plains Conservation Program (GPCP): This program, initiated in 1957, provided cost share and technical assistance to apply conservation on entire farms in 10 Great Plains states from the Dakotas and Montana to Texas and New Mexico. Cont MORE

Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI)

Business / Agriculture / Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI): A program started by USDA under its discretionary authority in 1991 and then specifically authorized by the FAIR Act of 1996 to provide increased technical and educational assistance to conserve and e MORE

First Law Of Thermodynamics (Conservation)

Science / Biology / First Law Of Thermodynamics (Conservation): Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it changes from one form to another. MORE