Science / Marine Biology / Corer: Tubular benthic sampling device that is plunged into the bottom in order to obtain a vertically oriented cylindrical sample

Official Scorer

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Official Scorer: An official who keeps a record of the game, including goals scored and the time of each score, players credited with goals and assists, and substitutions. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Scorer: This is an off-ice official who keeps track of all the goals scored, which player scored the goal and any player that has an assist on the goal. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Officials: Also called referees, they're in charge of controlling the game. MORE

Off-Ice Officials

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Off-Ice Officials: These are the officials who help manage the game but are off the ice. These officials don't wear a uniform and they are the official scorer, goal judges, game and penalty timekeepers, and the video go MORE

Pot Game

Entertainment / Bowling / Pot Game: A type of gambling competition in which two or more bowlers put money in the pot and the high scorer wins it all. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Assist: Help from a fielder in putting an offensive player out. A fielder is credited with an assist when he throws a baserunner or hitter out at a base. MORE