Critical Depth

Science / Marine Biology / Critical Depth: That depth above which total integrated photosynthetic rate equals total integrated respiration of photosynthesizers

Other Words for Critical

Critical Adjective Synonyms: carping, fault-finding, censorious, disparaging, depreciatory or depreciative, depreciating, deprecatory or deprecative, deprecating, judgemental

Other Words for Depth

Depth Adjective Synonyms: deepness, extent, measure, profundity, profoundness
Depth Noun Synonyms: profundity, profoundness, abstruseness, obscurity, reconditeness, complexity, intricacy

Depth Micrometer

Business / Machine Shop / Depth Micrometer: A micrometer in which the spindle projects through a flat, accurately machined bar used to measure the depth of holes or recesses. MORE

Depth Of Field

Entertainment / Photography / Depth Of Field: Distance between the nearest point and the farthest point in the subject which is perceived as acceptable sharp along a common image plane. MORE

Depth Of Field Scale

Entertainment / Photography / Depth Of Field Scale: Scale on a lens barrel showing the near and far limits of depth of field possible when the lens is set at any particular focus and aperture. MORE

Depth Diversity Gradient

Science / Biology / Depth Diversity Gradient: The increase in species richness with increasing water depth until about 2000 meters below the surface, where species richness begins to decline. MORE

Depth Chart

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Depth Chart: An NFL roster split thats shows first-, second- and third-string players. For instance, Frank Gore is first-string on the 49ers depth chart at the running back position, and DeShaun Foster is second o MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Depth: Depth describes the resonance or sensual power behind the sensations that drive the taste of the coffee. It is a tricky and subjective term, but it tries to get at the way certain coffees open up and MORE