Deep Layer

Science / Marine Biology / Deep Layer: The layer extending from the lowest part of the thermocline to the bottom

Other Words for Deep

Deep Noun Synonyms: extensive, bottomless, abyssal, unfathomable, profound, wide, broad, yawning, chasmal or chasmic
Deep Adjective Synonyms: profound, arcane, recondite, difficult, abstruse, obscure, esoteric, incomprehensible, beyond or past comprehension, impenetrable, unfathomable, inscrutable, mysterious, mystic(al), occult, weighty, serious, heavy

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy

Health / Massage / Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy: This technique utilizes deep cross-fiber strokes applied with the thumbs and fingers. Developed by Therese Pfrimmer of Canada, this is a deep muscle therapeutic technique. As with many pioneers, the t MORE

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle

Health / Massage / Pfrimmer Deep Muscle: Deep, cross-fiber technique that uses the thumbs and fingers as the primary tools. MORE

Phospholipid Bilayer

Science / Chemistry / Phospholipid Bilayer: In an aqueous environment phospholipids can form a two-layered 'sandwich' with the hydrophobic lipid tails on the inside and the hydrophilic phosphate heads facing outward. These bilayers are the esse MORE


Business / Finance / Player: Used in the context of general equities. Customer or trader who is actively involved in a particular stock or the market in general. MORE

Power Player

Entertainment / Bowling / Power Player: A cranker; hard hitting, big hook, faster than average speed player. MORE

Post Player

Entertainment / Basketball / Post Player: The position usually played by the center. MORE