Divergent Evolution

Science / Marine Biology / Divergent Evolution: The evolution of one species to a number of different forms. Compare convergent evolution; see also evolution.

Other Words for Divergent

Divergent Verb Synonyms: differing, different, dissimilar, disparate, variant, separate, diverging, disagreeing, conflicting, discrepant

Other Words for Evolution

Evolution Adverb Synonyms: development, advance, growth, progress, progression, phylogeny, evolvement, developing, growing, evolving, formation, maturation, production


Science / Biology / Evolution: 1) The change in life over time by adaptation, variation, over-reproduction, and differential survival/reproduction, a process referred to by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace as natural selection. 2) MORE

Convergent Evolution

Science / Biology / Convergent Evolution: The development of similar structures in distantly related organisms as a result of adapting to similar environments and/or strategies of life. Example: wings of birds and insects, the body shape of d MORE


Science / Astrology / Revolution: One complete orbit or cycle. In a natal chart, a planet's return to its natal degree upon completing a circuit of the map. MORE

Parallel Evolution

Science / Biology / Parallel Evolution: The development of similar characteristics in organisms that are not closely related (not part of a monophyletic group) due to adaptation to similar environments and/or strategies of life. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Revolutions: The number of times the ball rolls over its circumference from when it is released until it contacts the pins; as a rule, more is better. However, it is also commonly referred to as the number of time MORE

Solar Return, Solar Revolution

Science / Astrology / Solar Return, Solar Revolution: A horoscope erected for the exact time in a given year when the transiting Sun reaches the same position it held in the natal horoscope; used to project conditions for the year of interest. MORE