Ecological Niche

Science / Marine Biology / Ecological Niche: The role a plant or animal plays in its community. The niche of an organism is defined by what it eats, its predators, salt tolerances, light requirements etc. Two species cannot live stably in the same habitat if they occupy identical niches.

Other Words for Niche

Niche Adjective Synonyms: recess, hollow, alcove, nook

Niche Overlap

Science / Biology / Niche Overlap: The extent to which two species require similar resources; specifies the strength of the competition between the two species. MORE


Science / Biology / Niche: The biological role played by a species. MORE

Ecological Time

Science / Biology / Ecological Time: A timescale that focuses on community events that occur on the order of tens to hundreds of years. MORE

Ecological Niche

Science / Biology / Ecological Niche: The role an organism occupies and the function it performs in an ecosystem; closely associated with feeding. MORE