Science / Marine Biology / Evolution: The process by which a species' structural and behavioural characteristics change over many generations, sometimes in response to changes in environmental conditions. 'New' species develop in this way. For example, scientists think that whales gradually evolved from land animals. See also convergent evolution, divergent evolution.

Other Words for Evolution

Evolution Adverb Synonyms: development, advance, growth, progress, progression, phylogeny, evolvement, developing, growing, evolving, formation, maturation, production

Mosaic Evolution

Science / Biology / Mosaic Evolution: A pattern of evolution where all features of an organism do not evolve at the same rate. Some characteristics are retained from the ancestral condition while others are more recently evolved. MORE

Divergent Evolution

Science / Biology / Divergent Evolution: The divergence of a single interbreeding population or species into two or more descendant species. MORE


Science / Astrology / Revolution: One complete orbit or cycle. In a natal chart, a planet's return to its natal degree upon completing a circuit of the map. MORE