Science / Marine Biology / Extinct: A species which no longer exists. The Stellar sea cow is an example of a species which once lived on the Pacific's East Coast and is now extinct. Compare extirpated.

Other Words for Extinct

Extinct Adjective Synonyms: defunct, dead, died out, gone, departed, vanished

Mass Extinction

Science / Biology / Mass Extinction: A time during which extinction rates are generally accelerated so that more than 50% of all species then living become extinct; results in a marked decrease in the diversity of organisms. Mass extinct MORE

Secondary Extinction

Science / Biology / Secondary Extinction: The death of one population due to the extinction of another, often a food species. MORE

Ordovician Extinction

Science / Biology / Ordovician Extinction: Paleozoic-aged mass extinction possibly related to glaciation in the southern-hemisphere supercontinent Gondwana. MORE


Science / Biology / Extinction: The elimination of all individuals in a group, both by natural (dinosaurs, trilobites) and human-induced (dodo, passenger pigeon, liberals [:)]) means. MORE

Extinction Meter

Entertainment / Photography / Extinction Meter: Early type of exposure calculator. MORE

Extinction Angle

Science / Geology / Extinction Angle: The angle between a crystallographic direction, such as a face or cleavage plane, and the direction in which all light is blocked by a pair of crossed polarizers. MORE