Fecal Coliform Bacteria

Science / Marine Biology / Fecal Coliform Bacteria: Technically, all the facultative anaerobic gram negative non-spore forming rod shaped bacteria that fermet lactose in EC medium with gas production within 24h at 44.5 degrees C. A measure of bacteria mostly originating from guts that enter waters. Believed to be correlated with disease-causing (pathogenic) bacteria.

Coliform Index

Business / Agriculture / Coliform Index: A rating of the purity of water based on a count of fecal coliform bacteria. The presence of fecal coliform bacteria, which are harmless bacteria that live in the intestines of humans and other verteb MORE


Science / Biology / Eubacteria: The subunit of the Monera that includes the true bacteria such as E. coli. One of the three major groups of prokaryotes in the Kingdom Monera. The eubacteria have cell walls containing peptidoglycan. MORE

Fecal Coliform Bacteria

Business / Agriculture / Fecal Coliform Bacteria: Bacteria found in the intestinal tracts of mammals. Their presence in water or sludge is an indicator of pollution and possible contamination by pathogens. MORE