Food Chain

Science / Marine Biology / Food Chain: A linear sequence of organisms that exist on successive trophic levels within a natural community, through which energy is transferred by feeding. Primary producers capture energy from the environment (through photo- or chemo-synthesis) and form the base of the food chain. Energy is then passed to primary consumers (herbivores) and on to secondary and tertiary consumers (carnivores and top carnivores) (e.g. Phytoplankton -> zooplankton -> herring -> salmon -> killer whales). Once they die, these organisms are in turn consumed and their energy transferred to detrivores and decomposers. Compare food web.

Other Words for Chain

Chain Verb Synonyms: shackle, secure, fasten, bind, gyve, confine, fetter, restrain, confine, restrict, tie, limit
Chain Noun Synonyms: string, series, combination, sequence, succession, train, course, set, concatenation

Other Words for Food

Food Verb Synonyms: nourishment, nutriment, aliment, sustenance, subsistence, foodstuffs, edibles, eatables, viands, bread, victuals, rations, provisions, comestibles, commons, grub, eats, chow, scoff, prog

Food Web

Science / Biology / Food Web: A complex network of feeding interrelations among species in a natural ecosystem; more accurate and more complex depiction of energy fiow than a food chain. MORE

Food Security

Business / Agriculture / Food Security: Access by all people at all times to enough food for an active healthy life. Food security at a minimum includes the ready availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food, and an assured ability MORE

Food Safety Initiative

Business / Agriculture / Food Safety Initiative: A 1997 interagency initiative among the Food and Drug Administration, Center For Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Department of Agriculture to implement a series of coordinat MORE