Science / Marine Biology / Gamete: A mature reproductive cell that is capable of fusing with another gamete of the opposite sex to form a zygote. Male gametes are typically known as sperm and female gametes a typically known as eggs. See also fertilization, zygote.


Science / Biology / Gametes: Haploid reproductive cells (ovum and sperm). MORE

Germ Cell

Science / Genetics / Germ Cell: A sex cell or gamete (egg or spermatozoan).haldane equation haldane's law: the generalization that if first generation hybrids are produced between two species, but one sex is absent, rare, or sterile MORE


Science / Biology / Diploid: Cells that contain homologous chromosomes. The number of chromosomes in the cells is the diploid number and is equal to 2n (n is the number of homologous pairs). MORE

Somatic Cells

Science / Genetics / Somatic Cells: Any cell in the body except gametes and their precursors. MORE

Artificial Insemination

Science / Genetics / Artificial Insemination: The placement of sperm into a female reproductive tract or the mixing of male and female gametes by other than natural means. MORE


Science / Biology / Ovum: The female gamete, egg. MORE