Genetic Locus

Science / Marine Biology / Genetic Locus: A location on a chromosome (possibly of a diploid organism with variants that segregate according to the rules of Mendelian heredity)


Science / Marine Biology / Locus: See Genetic locus MORE

Locus (Pl. Loci)

Science / Genetics / Locus (Pl. Loci): The position on a chromosome of a gene or other chromosome marker: also, the dna at that position. The use of locus is sometimes restricted to mean regions of dna that are expressed. See gene expressi MORE

Locus Amoenus

Entertainment / Literature / Locus Amoenus: (Latin, 'pleasant place') A pleasant locale and time, traditionally a green Edenic garden on a temperate but sunny spring day--especially in the month of May. This is the traditional setting for the o MORE


Science / Biology / Genetics: The study of the structure and function of genes and the transmission of genes from parents to offspring. MORE

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Business / Agriculture / Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO): A term, currently used most often in international trade discussions, that designates crops that carry new traits that have been inserted through advanced genetic engineering methods (e.g., Flavr Save MORE

Genetic Testing

Science / Genetics / Genetic Testing: Analyzing an individual's genetic material to determine predisposition to a particular health condition or to confirm a diagnosis of genetic disease. MORE