Science / Marine Biology / Herbivore: An organism that consumes plants


Science / Biology / Herbivores: Term pertaining to a heterotroph, usually an animal, that eats plants or algae. Herbivores function in food chains and food webs as primary consumers. MORE

Food Chain

Science / Biology / Food Chain: The simplest representation of energy fiow in a community. At the base is energy stored in plants, which are eaten by small organisms, which in turn are eaten by progressively larger organisms; the fo MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Predator: An organism that consumes another living organism (carnivores and herbivores are both predators by this definition) MORE

Trophic Level

Science / Marine Biology / Trophic Level: In a food chain, a level containing organisms of identical feeding habits with respect to the chain (e.g., herbivores) MORE

Primary Production

Science / Marine Biology / Primary Production: The production of living matter by photosynthesizing organisms or by chemosynthesizing organisms. Usually expressed as grams of carbon per square meter per year MORE

Secondary Production

Science / Marine Biology / Secondary Production: The production of living material per unit area (or volume) per unit time by herbivores. Usually expressed as grams carbon per meter square per year MORE