Science / Marine Biology / Interstitial: Living in the pore spaces among sedimentary grains in a soft sediment

Interstitial Fluid

Science / Biology / Interstitial Fluid: Fluid surrounding the cells in body tissues; provides a path through which nutrients, gases, and wastes can travel between the capillaries and the cells. MORE

Cancellous Bone

Health / Dentistry / Cancellous Bone: Spongy bone tissue located in the medulla of bone rather than the cortex which is compact. This bone is composed of a variable trabecular network containing interstitial tissue which may be hematopoie MORE


Science / Biology / Lymph: Interstitial fiuid in the lymphatic system. MORE

Lymphatic System

Science / Biology / Lymphatic System: A network of glands and vessels that drain interstitial fiuid from body tissues and return it to the circulatory system. MORE