Invasive Species

Science / Marine Biology / Invasive Species: An introduced species that out-competes native species for space and resources. Scotch Broom is an invasive species that out-competes local vegetation and results in a monoculture, and hence a decrease in local diversity. See also introduced species, native species.

Native Species

Science / Marine Biology / Native Species: A species that occurs naturally in an area (i.e. Is not introduced). Compare introduced species, invasive species. MORE

Introduced Species

Science / Marine Biology / Introduced Species: An organism that has been brought into an area, usually by humans, where it does not normally occur. Introduced species often compete with and cause problems for native species. Introduced species are MORE

Species Richness

Science / Biology / Species Richness: The number of species present in a community. MORE

Species Packing

Science / Biology / Species Packing: The phenomenon in which present-day communities generally contain more species than earlier communities because organisms have evolved more adaptations over time. MORE

Species Of Constituent

Science / Tides and Currents / Species Of Constituent: A classification depending upon the period of a constituent. The principal species are semidiurnal, diurnal, and long-period. MORE

Species Diversity

Science / Biology / Species Diversity: The number of living species on Earth. MORE