Keystone Predator

Science / Marine Biology / Keystone Predator: The dominant predator or the top predator that has a major influence on community structure. For example, sea otters are a keystone predator in kelp beds. Sea otters eat urchins that feed on kelp which house a huge diversity of other organisms. If sea otter populations are lowered in an area the kelp beds are generally reduced and urchin barrens appear.

Other Words for Keystone

Keystone Noun Synonyms: necessity, crux, linchpin, basis, principle, foundation, cornerstone


Science / Marine Biology / Predator: An organism that consumes another living organism (carnivores and herbivores are both predators by this definition) MORE

Predatory Release

Science / Biology / Predatory Release: Occurs when a predator species is removed from a prey species such as by great reduction in the predators population size or by the migration of the prey species to an area without major predators. Th MORE

Keystone Species

Science / Marine Biology / Keystone Species: A predator at the top of a food web, or discrete subweb, capable of consuming organisms of more than one trophic level beneath it MORE