Science / Marine Biology / Litter: Accumulations of dead leaves in various states of fragmentation and decomposition

Other Words for Litter

Litter Noun Synonyms: rubbish, debris, refuse, fragments, odds and ends, trash, junk


Technology / Television (TV) / Splitter: A splitter is a passive device or diplexer (one with no active electronic components) which distributes a television signal carried on a cable in two or more paths and sends it to a number of receiver MORE

Beam Splitter

Entertainment / Photography / Beam Splitter: Mirror and prism system capable of partly reflecting, partly transmitting light. MORE

Glitter Rock

Entertainment / Music / Glitter Rock: Theatrical, flamboyant rock style popular in the 1970s. MORE

Kitty Litter

Entertainment / Golf / Kitty Litter: Another term for a sand-filled bunker MORE


Life Style / Christmas / Tinsel: A glittering material with a metallic appearance that is produced in strips, sheets, or the like and used for its decorative effect during Christmas and other holidays. MORE

Wish Fulfillment

Entertainment / Literature / Wish Fulfillment: In psychoanalytic criticism, wish fulfillment refers to something in literature that satisfies the conscious or subconscious desires of either the creator or the reader of a work. A writer of action a MORE