Science / Marine Biology / Locus: See Genetic locus

Locus (Pl. Loci)

Science / Genetics / Locus (Pl. Loci): The position on a chromosome of a gene or other chromosome marker: also, the dna at that position. The use of locus is sometimes restricted to mean regions of dna that are expressed. See gene expressi MORE

Locus Classicus

Entertainment / Literature / Locus Classicus: (Latin, 'classic place') A passage often cited as authoritative or illustrative on a particular point or subject. For instance, when it comes to explaining what a neologism is, the opening lines of th MORE

Locus Amoenus

Entertainment / Literature / Locus Amoenus: (Latin, 'pleasant place') A pleasant locale and time, traditionally a green Edenic garden on a temperate but sunny spring day--especially in the month of May. This is the traditional setting for the o MORE

Genetic Locus

Science / Marine Biology / Genetic Locus: A location on a chromosome (possibly of a diploid organism with variants that segregate according to the rules of Mendelian heredity) MORE

Locust (Salabhasana)

Health / Yoga / Locust (Salabhasana): A backbend. Lie on your stomach. Raise both legs up behind the body. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Allozyme: A variant of an enzyme type. These may be variants of a specific enzyme (e.g., cytochrome c) that are the products of a single genetic locus. MORE