Moderately Stratified Estuary

Science / Marine Biology / Moderately Stratified Estuary: An estuary in which seaward flow of surface low-salinity water and moderate vertical mixing result in a modest vertical salinity gradient

Other Words for Moderately

Moderately Verb Synonyms: somewhat, rather, quite, fairly, pretty, comparatively, slightly, passably, more or less, to some extent, within reason, to a certain extent, to a degree, to some degree, in some measure, in moderation, within limits, temperately, sort of, kind of

Stratified Marketplace

Business / Real Estate / Stratified Marketplace: The real estate market is a marketplace that is stratified based on price. MORE

Stratified Sampling Approach To Indexing

Business / Finance / Stratified Sampling Approach To Indexing: A method of constructing a replicating portfolio that classifies the stocks in the index into strata, and represents each stratum in the portfolio. MORE

Stratified Sampling Bond Indexing

Business / Finance / Stratified Sampling Bond Indexing: Dividing an index into cells, each representing a different characteristic of the index, such as duration or maturity. MORE

Vertically Homogeneous Estuary

Science / Marine Biology / Vertically Homogeneous Estuary: An estuary in which, at any given location, wind or tidal mixing homogenizes salinity throughout the water column MORE

Stratified Equity Indexing

Business / Finance / Stratified Equity Indexing: Acquisition of another firm in order to realize some operational benefits which will result in increased earnings. MORE

Seasonal Estuary

Science / Marine Biology / Seasonal Estuary: An estuary in which salinity at any one geographic point changes seasonally (e.g., decreases during the spring melt) MORE