Science / Marine Biology / Monophyletic: Refers to a group of species that all have a single common ancestral species

Monophyletic Group

Science / Biology / Monophyletic Group: A group of organisms descended from a common ancestor. For example: your immediate family may be considered such a group, being descended from a common ancestral group (grandparents, etc.). MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Cladogram: A tree-like diagram showing evolutionary relationships. Any two branch tips sharing the same immediate node are most closely related. All taxa that can be traced directly to one node (that is they are MORE


Science / Biology / Protista: The taxonomic Kingdom from which the other three eukaryotic kingdoms (Fungi, Animalia and Plantae) are thought to have evolved. The earliest eukaryotes were single-celled organisms that would today be MORE


Science / Biology / Phylogeny: 1) the study of evolutionary relationships within a monophyletic group. 2) evolutionary hypotheses represented as a dendrogram or branching diagram. MORE

Parallel Evolution

Science / Biology / Parallel Evolution: The development of similar characteristics in organisms that are not closely related (not part of a monophyletic group) due to adaptation to similar environments and/or strategies of life. MORE