Natural Selection

Science / Marine Biology / Natural Selection: The main mechanism of evolutionary change. In a given population of organisms, there are heritable traits that enable some members to contribute a larger number of offspring than others. If these offspring also have a greater reproductive success, then the genetic composition of the population is altered, thus evolution. See also selection pressure.

Other Words for Natural

Natural Noun Synonyms: normal, ordinary, regular, expected, spontaneous
Natural Adjective Synonyms: ordinary, common, commonplace, normal, standard, regular,ual, customary, unexceptional, routine, habitual, typical, everyday, reasonable, logical, reasonable, sensible, accepted

Other Words for Selection

Selection Verb Synonyms: choice, pick, preference, option
Selection Noun Synonyms: extract, quotation, excerpt, abstract, passage, piece, quote
Selection Adjective Synonyms: assortment, variety, collection, range, batch, number, set, series, group

Disruptive Selection

Science / Biology / Disruptive Selection: A process of natural selection that favors individuals at both extremes of a phenotypic range. MORE

Selection Pressure

Science / Marine Biology / Selection Pressure: A measure of the effectiveness of natural selection in altering the genetic composition of a population. See also natural selection. MORE

Stabilizing Selection

Science / Biology / Stabilizing Selection: A process of natural selection that tends to favor genotypic combinations that produce an intermediate phenotype; selection against the extremes in variation. MORE