Niche Overlap

Science / Marine Biology / Niche Overlap: An overlap in resource requirements by two species

Other Words for Niche

Niche Adjective Synonyms: recess, hollow, alcove, nook

Other Words for Overlap

Overlap Adjective Synonyms: coincide, correspond, intersect
Overlap Verb Synonyms: lap, flap, overlay, fly (front) or flies, imbrication
Overlap Noun Synonyms: lap (over), overlie, overlay, shingle, imbricate, strobilate

Overlapping Grip

Entertainment / Golf / Overlapping Grip: (also 'overlap' and 'vardon grip' after famous player, harry vardon) the most common grip in golf, placing the hands on the club such that the pinky finger of the bottom hand rests on the index finger MORE

Reverse Overlap

Entertainment / Golf / Reverse Overlap: ('reverse overlap grip') probably the most common grip used for putting - a method of placing the hands on the club such that the index finger of the top hand rests on top of the fingers of the bottom MORE

Overlapping Debt

Business / Finance / Overlapping Debt: The portion of debt of political subdivisions or neighboring special districts that a municipality is responsible for. MORE

Overlap The Market

Business / Finance / Overlap The Market: Used in the context of general equities. Create a crossed market by expressing a willingness to sell on the bid side of the market and buy on the offer side. MORE


Science / Biology / Niche: The biological role played by a species. MORE

Niche Overlap

Science / Biology / Niche Overlap: The extent to which two species require similar resources; specifies the strength of the competition between the two species. MORE