Science / Marine Biology / Parasite: An organism living on or in, and negatively affecting, another organism

Other Words for Parasite

Parasite Noun Synonyms: leech, hanger-on, freeloader, sponger or sponge, bloodsucker, cadger, scrounger or scrounge, barnacle, jackal, hyena


Science / Biology / Parasites: Organisms that live in, with, or on another organism. The parasites benefit from the association without contributing to the host, usually they cause some harm to the host. MORE

Intracellular Parasites

Science / Biology / Intracellular Parasites: Viruses that enter a host cell and take over the hosts cellular machinery to produce new viral particles. MORE


Health / Disease / Merozoite: A stage in the life cycle of the Plasmodium parasite, causative agent of malaria. Initially produced from the liver merozoites infect and are replicated in, red blood cells. MORE


Health / Disease / Sporozoite: A stage in the life cycle of the Plasmodium parasite, causative agent of malaria. Found in the salivary glands of mosquitoes sporozoites are transmitted to humans where they travel in the blood strea MORE


Health / Massage / Bodytalk: Developed by chiropractor/acupuncturist Dr. John Veltheim, bodytalk is based on bio-energetic psychology, dynamic systems theory, Chinese medicine, and applied kinesiology. It has been extensively tes MORE

Sev(Ernyii) Lernatu

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Sev(Ernyii) Lernatu: V.vinifera variety developed in the Ukraine from a (V.amurensis x V.vinifera) x Unknown variety. Has several synonyn names including Sev Lernatu. Currently under growing trials in the USA, Canada and MORE