Science / Marine Biology / Pelagic: Refers to the plants and animals that live in the water column or in the open waters of the ocean rather than the ocean floor (see benthic). Life is found throughout the pelagic zone, however is more concentrated at shallower depths. Pelagic organisms can be further divided into the plankton and nekton. Compare benthic.

Mesopelagic Zone

Science / Marine Biology / Mesopelagic Zone: Also called the 'twilight zone' of the ocean, this area from 200m to 1000m in depth, is bordered by the photic zone above and darkness below. It's in this zone where you start to see bioluminescence o MORE

Bathypelagic Zone

Science / Marine Biology / Bathypelagic Zone: The zone of the ocean that extends from 1000m to 4000m below the surface of the ocean. Visit the Bathypelagic Zone on oceanlink for pictures and cool facts about life at this depth. MORE

Abyssopelagic Zone

Science / Marine Biology / Abyssopelagic Zone: 'Abysso' meaning 'no bottom', this zone of the ocean begins 4000 m below the surface of the ocean and extends down to the sea floor. This zone is home to a variety of unique critters that are speciall MORE