Phi Scale

Science / Marine Biology / Phi Scale: Scale used for measuring the grain size of sediments. = -log2 (grain diameter)

Other Words for Scale

Scale Adverb Synonyms: flake, imbrication, scurf, dandruff, squama, plate, scute or scutum, lamina, lamella
Scale Noun Synonyms: coating, encrustation or incrustation, crust, overlay, layer, cake, caking, tartar, plaque


Science / Marine Biology / Oligotrophic: Refers to water bodies or habitats with low concentrations of nutrients MORE

Ophiolite Suite

Science / Geology / Ophiolite Suite: The typical sequence of rocks in the oceanic crust from bottom to top: ultrabasic rocks, gabbro, sheeted dikes, pillow basalts, and sea-floor sediments. Igneous rocks and deep-sea sediments associated MORE

Orographic Lifting

Science / Weather / Orographic Lifting: Where the flow of air is forced up and over barriers such as highlands or mountains. Moist air being forced aloft begins to cool, consequently condensation forms, and rain or snow begins to fall. By t MORE

Paleogeographic Map

Science / Geology / Paleogeographic Map: A map that shows the distribution of sedimentary environments at a specific time in the past. These maps are made by studying the rock record to correlate rock units that were deposited at the same ti MORE

Offering Scale

Business / Finance / Offering Scale: The range of prices offered by the underwriter of a serial bond issue with different maturities. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Oenophile: A wine aficionado or connoisseur. MORE