Photic Zone

Science / Marine Biology / Photic Zone: The surface layer of the ocean that is penetrated by sunlight. The photic zone is the layer of the ocean that has been explored the most as it is relatively easy to access with conventional diving equipment. In the photic zone phytoplankton flourish and it is where the fish, marine mammals, and marine invertebrates that most people are familiar with are found. Light can penetrate down to approximately 200m which marks the end of the photic zone. Also referred to as the Sunlight Zone or the Epipelagic Zone.

Other Words for Zone

Zone Noun Synonyms: area, quarter, district, region, sector, section, sphere, belt, territory, province, realm, domain, precinct, bailiwick, department, terrain, circle, locality, locale, turf

Sunlight Zone

Science / Marine Biology / Sunlight Zone: See Photic Zone. MORE

Mesopelagic Zone

Science / Marine Biology / Mesopelagic Zone: Also called the 'twilight zone' of the ocean, this area from 200m to 1000m in depth, is bordered by the photic zone above and darkness below. It's in this zone where you start to see bioluminescence o MORE

Surf Zone

Science / Geology / Surf Zone: An area of breaking waves bounded by the point of first breakers, then landward to the maximum uprush of waves on the beach. MORE