Science / Marine Biology / Population: The number of individuals of a particular species that live within a defined area.

Other Words for Population

Population Adverb Synonyms: people, populace, inhabitants, residents, natives, denizens, citizenry, citizens, folk

Logistic Population Growth

Science / Marine Biology / Logistic Population Growth: Population growth that is modulated by the population size relative to carrying capacity. Population growth declines as population approaches carrying capacity, and is negative when population size is MORE

Special Populations

Health / Disease / Special Populations: People who might be more sensitive or susceptible to exposure to hazardous substances because of factors such as age, occupation, sex, or behaviors (for example, cigarette smoking). Children, pregnant MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Metapopulation: A group of interconnected subpopulations, usually of subequal size. The features of individuals now founnd in one subpopulation might have been determined by conditions affecting them when they were l MORE

Population Dynamics

Science / Biology / Population Dynamics: The study of the factors that affect the growth, stability, and decline of populations, as well as the interactions of those factors. MORE

Minimum Viable Population (MVP)

Science / Biology / Minimum Viable Population (MVP): The smallest population size that can avoid extinction due to breeding problems or random environmental fiuctuations. MORE

Population Density

Science / Marine Biology / Population Density: Number of individuals per unit area or volume MORE