Population Density

Science / Marine Biology / Population Density: Number of individuals per unit area or volume

Other Words for Population

Population Adverb Synonyms: people, populace, inhabitants, residents, natives, denizens, citizenry, citizens, folk

Density-Dependent Factors

Science / Marine Biology / Density-Dependent Factors: Factors, such as resource availability, that vary with population density MORE


Science / Biology / Population: A group of individuals of the same species living in the same area at the same time and sharing a common gene pool. A group of potentially interbreeding organisms in a geographic area. MORE

Neutral Density Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Neutral Density Filter: Describes a gray camera filter which has an equal opacity to all the colors of the spectrum and so does not affect the colors in the final image. It is used to reduce the amount of light entering the MORE

Minimum Viable Population (MVP)

Science / Biology / Minimum Viable Population (MVP): The smallest population size that can avoid extinction due to breeding problems or random environmental fiuctuations. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Metapopulation: A group of interconnected subpopulations, usually of subequal size. The features of individuals now founnd in one subpopulation might have been determined by conditions affecting them when they were l MORE

Neutral Density

Entertainment / Photography / Neutral Density: Is a technique which makes possible shorter printing times in color printing. MORE