Science / Marine Biology / Prey: An animal that is used by other animals for food.

Other Words for Prey

Prey Adjective Synonyms: quarry, kill, game, objective, target
Prey Adverb Synonyms: victim, target, objective, dupe, mark, fall guy, pushover, mug

Prey Switching

Science / Biology / Prey Switching: The tendency of predators to switch to a more readily available prey when one prey species becomes rare; allows the first prey population to rebound and helps prevent its extinction. MORE


Science / Spiders / Endite: The plate borne by the coxa of the pedipalps of most spiders, used to crush the prey: the maxilla. MORE


Science / Spiders / Chelicerae: The pincerlike first pair of appendages of the arachnids: in spiders two-segmented, the distal portion or fang used to inject venom from enclosed glands into the prey. MORE

Vulture Fund

Business / Taxes / Vulture Fund: Like the scavenging bird of prey that lends its name to the fund, a vulture fund seeks out depressed or endangered investments. Many vulture funds focus on real estate, but others invest in bonds that MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Paradox: Using contradiction in a manner that oddly makes sense on a deeper level. Common paradoxes seem to reveal a deeper truth through their contradictions, such as noting that 'without laws, we can have no MORE

Biotic Factor

Science / Marine Biology / Biotic Factor: A living component of the environment which arises from and affects living organisms (distinct from physical factors). For example, the interaction between predators and prey is a biotic interaction. MORE