Science / Marine Biology / Recruitment: The residue of those larvae that have: (1) dispersed; (2) settled at the adult site; (3) made some final movements toward the adult habitat; (4) metamorphosed successfully, and (5) survived to be detected by the observer

Stock Recruitment Models

Science / Marine Biology / Stock Recruitment Models: Fishery models that predict the amount of juvenile recruitment as a function of the parent stock MORE

Internal Recruitment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Internal Recruitment: The practice of assessing the employer’s current workforce to determine whether or not current employees possess the required skills or qualifications to fill specific vacancies either through promo MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Astroturfing: Attempting to advance a commercial or political agenda while pretending to be an impartial grassroots participant in a social group. Participating in a user forum with the secret purpose of branding, MORE

Multi-Ethnic Placement Act

Life Style / Adoption / Multi-Ethnic Placement Act: A federal law enacted in 1994 and implemented through state policy. The Multi-Ethnic Placement Act of 1994, as amended, P.L. 103-382 [42 USC 622] prohibits the delay or denial of any adoption or place MORE

Adoption Exchange

Life Style / Adoption / Adoption Exchange: An organization which recruits adoptive families for children with special needs using print, radio, television and Internet recruitment, as well as matching parties (which bring together prospective MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Bidding: The practice of posting all job openings internally so that current employees may be allowed the opportunity to apply for vacant positions prior to the employer seeking qualified candidates through ot MORE