Science / Marine Biology / Seaward: Side of an island that faces the direction of wave action generated either by winds or by currents generated by more indirect forces


Science / Geology / Trench: A long and narrow deep trough in the sea floor: interpreted as marking the line along which a plate bends down into a subduction zone. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Oceanic: Associated with sea-water environments seaward of the shelf-slope break MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Mesopelagic: The 150 -- 2000 m depth zone, seaward of the shelf-slope break MORE


Business / Construction / Slope: The incline angle of a roof surface, given as a ratio of the rise (in inches) to the run (in feet). See also pitch. MORE

Marine Boundary

Science / Tides and Currents / Marine Boundary: The mean lower low water line (MLLWL) when used as a boundary. Also, lines used as boundaries seaward of and measured from (or points thereon) the MLLWL. See coastal boundary. MORE

Nocturnal Thunderstorms

Science / Weather / Nocturnal Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms which develop after sunset. They are often associated with the strengthening of the low level jet and are most common over the Plains states. They also occur over warm water and may be a MORE