Somatic Growth

Science / Marine Biology / Somatic Growth: Growth of the body, exclusive of gametes

Other Words for Growth

Growth Verb Synonyms: development, evolution, evolvement, cultivation, nurturing, increase, expansion, broadening, extension, enlargement, spread, proliferation, flowering
Growth Noun Synonyms: advance, advancement, success, improvement, expansion, rise, progress

Somatic Cell Gene Therapy

Science / Genetics / Somatic Cell Gene Therapy: Incorporating new genetic material into cells for therapeutic purposes. The new genetic material cannot be passed to offspring. MORE

Somatic Cell

Science / Biology / Somatic Cell: A cell that is not or will not become a gamete; the cells of the body. MORE

Somatic Cell Genetic Mutation

Science / Genetics / Somatic Cell Genetic Mutation: A change in the genetic structure that is neither inherited nor passed to offspring. Also called acquired mutations. MORE

Somatic Cell Hybrid

Science / Genetics / Somatic Cell Hybrid: Hybrid cell line derived from two different species: contains a complete chromosomal complement of one species and a partial chromosomal complement of the other: human/hamster hybrids grow and divide, MORE

Somatic Cells

Science / Genetics / Somatic Cells: Any cell in the body except gametes and their precursors. MORE


Science / Biology / Somatic: Relating to the non-gonadal tissues and organs of an organisms body. MORE