Science / Marine Biology / Speciation: The process of formation of new species

Quantum Models Of Speciation

Science / Biology / Quantum Models Of Speciation: Models of evolution that hold that speciation sometimes occurs rapidly as well as over long periods, as the classical theory proposed. MORE

Allopatric Speciation

Science / Marine Biology / Allopatric Speciation: The differentiation of geographically isolated populations into distinct species MORE

Parapatric Speciation

Science / Marine Biology / Parapatric Speciation: The differentiation into distinct species of populations experiencing some gene flow MORE


Science / Biology / Polyploidy: Abnormal variation in the number of chromosome sets. The condition when a cell or organism has more than the customary two sets of chromosomes. This is an especially effective speciation mechanism in MORE

Genetic Divergence

Science / Biology / Genetic Divergence: The separation of a populations gene pool from the gene pools of other populations due to mutation, genetic drift, and selection. Continued divergence can lead to speciation. MORE

Out Of Africa Hypothesis

Science / Biology / Out Of Africa Hypothesis: Holds that modern human populations (Homo sapiens) are all derived from a single speciation event that took place in a restricted region in Africa. MORE