Science / Marine Biology / Succession: A predictable ordering of a dominance of a species or groups of species following the opening of an environment to biological colonization

Other Words for Succession

Succession Adjective Synonyms: sequence, progression, order, series, turn, course, flow, chain, train, procession
Succession Noun Synonyms: passing (on), handing down or on, transmittal, transmission, transfer, transferral, shift, conveyance, conveyancing

Partible Succession

Entertainment / Literature / Partible Succession: The opposite of primogeniture, partible succession is the practice in which all the children share equally in an inheritance. Under this legal system, if a property-owner or king dies, the deceased's MORE

Intestate Succession

Business / Real Estate / Intestate Succession: A succession of a property to the heirs when a person dies without a will. MORE

Community Succession

Science / Biology / Community Succession: The sequential replacement of species in a community by immigration of new species and by local extinction of old ones. MORE

Succession Planning

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Succession Planning: The process of identifying long-range needs and cultivating a supply of internal talent to meet those future needs. Used to anticipate the future needs of the organization and assist in finding, asses MORE

Faunal Succession

Science / Geology / Faunal Succession: A principle of relative dating that is based upon the observed sequence of organisms in the rock record. The relative age of two rock units can frequently be determined by matching the fossils found i MORE


Entertainment / Music / Tune: A rhythmic succession of musical tones, a melody for instruments and voices. MORE