Science / Marine Biology / Sustainable: A sustainable way of life is one in which human needs are met without diminishing the ability of other people, wild species, or future generations to survive.

Sustainable Agriculture

Business / Agriculture / Sustainable Agriculture: A systematic approach to agriculture that focuses on ensuring the long-term productivity of human and natural resources for meeting food and fiber needs. The FACT ACT of 1990 defines sustainable agric MORE

Maximum Sustainable Yield

Science / Marine Biology / Maximum Sustainable Yield: In fisheries biology, the maximum catch obtainable per unit time under the appropriate fishing rate MORE

Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSy)

Science / Biology / Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSy): The maximum number of a food or game population that can be harvested without harming the populations ability to grow back. MORE

Sustainable Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Sustainable Coffee: At this writing, a contested and vaguely defined category of environmentally friendly coffees. A caucus in the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is attempting to evolve reliable guideline MORE

Sustainable Growth Rate

Business / Finance / Sustainable Growth Rate: An account used temporarily to record receipts and disbursements that have yet to be classified. MORE

Pollution Prevention

Business / Real Estate / Pollution Prevention: Actively identifying equipment, processes, and activities which generate excessive wastes or use toxic chemicals and then making substitutions, alterations, or product improvements. Conserving energy MORE