Science / Marine Biology / Turbidity: The weight of particulate matter per unit volume of sea water

Turbidity Current

Science / Geology / Turbidity Current: A mixture of sediment particles and water that flows down the continental slope. These high density currents can reach great speeds and generally erode loose sediments from the seafloor beneath them. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Wave: An oscillating motion that moves outward from the source of some disturbance (ripples running away from a pebble tossed in a pond). Waves transmit the energy of the disturbance away from its source. MORE


Science / Geology / Turbidite: A vertical sequence of sediments deposited by a turbidity current. Because the largest particles of the current settle first a turbidite will be graded deposits with coarsest grain sizes at the bottom MORE

Submarine Canyon

Science / Geology / Submarine Canyon: An underwater canyon, carved into the continental shelf. These can be carved by turbidity currents or carved subaerially during a time when sea level was lower. MORE