Uniform Spatial Distribution

Science / Marine Biology / Uniform Spatial Distribution: Situation in which individuals are more evenly spread in space than would be expected on the basis of chance alone

Other Words for Distribution

Distribution Verb Synonyms: apportionment, allotment, allocation, assignment, parcelling or also parceling out, sharing, deployment
Distribution Noun Synonyms: issuance, circulation, dissemination, giving (out), dispersal, dispensation, deployment

Other Words for Uniform

Uniform Adjective Synonyms: homogeneous, consistent, unvaried, unchanged, unaltered, unvarying, unchanging, invariable, unchangeable, unalterable, regimented, standard, ordered, orderly, equal, even, like, identical, alike

Spatial Frequency

Science / Spiders / Spatial Frequency: (a) a vector giving the frequency components (number of cycles per unit length, kx and ky ) of a general 2D sine wave in x- and y-direction: or (b) the length of a spatial frequency vector. In the 2D MORE

Spatial Distribution

Science / Marine Biology / Spatial Distribution: The arrangement of individuals in a space MORE

Standardized Normal Distribution

Business / Finance / Standardized Normal Distribution: A code system that designates a unique business activity classified by industry. MORE

Uniform Building Code

Business / Real Estate / Uniform Building Code: A national building code published by the International Conference of Building Officials. It has been adopted in part by municipalities throughout the United States, but used mostly in the western sta MORE

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Business / Finance / Uniform Commercial Code (UCC): Provides for the employer to pay out amounts to retirees or beneficiaries as and when they are needed. There is no money put aside on a regular basis. Instead, it is taken out of current income. MORE

Uniform Commercial Code

Business / Real Estate / Uniform Commercial Code: A codification of commercial law, adopted in most states, that attempts to make uniform all laws relating to commercial transactions, including chattel mortgages and bulk transfers. Security interests MORE