Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Group: 1. A substructure that imparts characteristic chemical behaviors to a molecule, for example, a carboxylic acid group. (also: functional group). 2. A vertical column on the periodic table, for example, the halogens. Elements that belong to the same group usually show chemical similarities, although the element at the top of the group is usually atypical.

Other Words for Group

Group Noun Synonyms: batch, aggregation, set, grouping, collection, assemblage, bunch, accumulation, conglomeration, agglomeration, assortment, series, pile, heap, bundle
Group Adjective Synonyms: assembly, assemblage, gathering, congregation, company, number, alliance, union, association, organization, league, society, coterie, clique, set, band, circle, club, party, body, faction, crowd, team, corps, guild, troupe, unit, troop, platoon, squad

Group Of Eight (G-8)

Business / Finance / Group Of Eight (G-8): Insurance coverage for a group, which can usually be obtained at a cheaper rate than insurance for an individual. MORE

Group Dynamics

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Group Dynamics: The social manner in which people interact with each other within a group. MORE

Group Health Coverage

Health / Dentistry / Group Health Coverage: A health benefits plan that covers a group of people as permitted by state and federal law. MORE