Science / Psychiatry / Alienation: The estrangement felt in a setting one views as foreign, unpredictable, or unacceptable. For example, in depersonalization phenomena, feelings of unreality or strangeness produce a sense of alienation from ones self or environment.

Alienation Clause

Business / Real Estate / Alienation Clause: A provision sometimes found in a promissory note or mortgage that provides that the balance of the secured debt becomes immediately due and payable at the option of the mortgagee upon the alienation o MORE

Thought Alienation

Science / Psychiatry / Thought Alienation: (a-le-in-a-shun) The belief that thoughts have been stolen from ones mind. This is also known as thought withdrawal. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Anomie: Apathy, alienation, and personal distress resulting from the loss of goals previously valued. Emile Durkheim popularized this term when he listed it as a principal reason for suicide. MORE

Passivity Phenomena

Science / Psychiatry / Passivity Phenomena: delusional belief that an external agency is controlling the aspects of oneself that are usually under ones own control, e.g. though alienation, made feelings, made impulses, made actions and somatic MORE

Byronic Hero

Entertainment / Literature / Byronic Hero: An antihero who is a romanticized but wicked character. Conventionally, the figure is a young and attractive male with a bad reputation. He defies authority and conventional morality, and becomes para MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Luddite: The Luddites of the early 1800s were part of an anti-technological, anti-industrial grassroots movement in Britain. They protested specifically the introduction of textile machines as a threat to thei MORE