Science / Psychiatry / Anima: In Jungian psychology, a persons inner being as opposed to the character or persona presented to the world. Further, the anima may be the more feminine soul or inner self of a man, and the animus the more masculine soul of a woman.

Animal Identification And Traceback

Business / Agriculture / Animal Identification And Traceback: Currently, the private marketing system, assisted by computerization of records, generally can trace products back to their original suppliers, although not necessarily all the way to the farm. It has MORE

Animal Damage Control (ADC) Program

Business / Agriculture / Animal Damage Control (ADC) Program: Renamed in 1997 as the Wildlife Services (WS) program, it is an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service effort to protect agriculture, natural resources, property or endangered species from unwante MORE

Abstract Animation

Technology / Television (TV) / Abstract Animation: An aesthetic tenet of animation which sees animation as consisting of lines, shapes and colors, abstract forms to be manipulated by the animator at will. The opposite of naturalistic animation. MORE

Naturalistic Animation

Technology / Television (TV) / Naturalistic Animation: An aesthetic tenet of animation which advocates that animation replicate live-action film/video as much as possible: cartoon characters should resemble objects in reality and our view of these charact MORE

Animal Drugs

Business / Agriculture / Animal Drugs: Drugs intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in animals. The Food and Drug Administration has the broad mandate under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmet MORE

Animal Unit

Business / Agriculture / Animal Unit: A standard measure, based on feed requirements, used to combine various classes of livestock according to size, weight, age, and use. For federal lands, an animal unit represents one mature cow, bull, MORE