Science / Psychiatry / BAS: Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale – an assessment tool to assess the presence and severity of drug-induced akathisia.

Base Hit

Entertainment / Baseball / Base Hit: A play in which the batter hits the ball in fair territory and reaches at least first base before being thrown out. MORE

Base Line

Entertainment / Baseball / Base Line: The white chalk lines that extend from home plate through first and third base to the outfield and up the foul poles, inside which a batted ball is in fair territory and outside of which it is in foul MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Baseball: The baseball’s core is made of rubber and cork. Yarn is wound around the rubber and cork centre. Then 2 strips of white cowhide are sewn around the ball. Official baseballs must weigh 5 to 5 1/4 oun MORE

Fare Basis (Code)

Life Style / Travel / Fare Basis (Code): The sometimes confusing code or codes on which the price of an airline ticket is based. Some itineraries contain many different codes. Most will indicate whether a fare is refundable or not. If even o MORE

Base Fare

Life Style / Travel / Base Fare: The basic price of an airline ticket, before any taxes, surcharges, airport fees, etc. MORE

Fare Basis

Life Style / Travel / Fare Basis: Conditions, including service class and ticketing provisions, that determine a fare. Fare basis is designated by identifying letters and/or numbers on a ticket. MORE