Déjà Pensé

Science / Psychiatry / Déjà Pensé: illusion of recognition of a new thought

Period Expenses

Business / Finance / Period Expenses: A term for expenses recorded in the period in which they occur regardless of whether or not they pertain to a prior or later period. R&D and advertising expenditures are examples of costs that benefit MORE

Prepaid Expenses

Business / Accounting / Prepaid Expenses: Payments made in advance for items normally charged to expense. MORE

Preproduction Expenses

Business / Agriculture / Preproduction Expenses: Expenses incurred prior to the period when a farm activity begins producing, primarily raising orchard trees or breeding animals. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Pense: Variety reported as used by T.V. Munson for breeding purposes (eg. see Lomanto). No other details as yet. MORE

Other Revenues And Expenses

Business / Accounting / Other Revenues And Expenses: Items incurred or earned from activities that are outside, or peripheral to, the normal operations of a firm. MORE

Non-Operating Expense

Business / Finance / Non-Operating Expense: Expenses not related to the ongoing operations of a company; for example, interest expense, one-time events, and taxes. MORE