Expansive Mood

Science / Psychiatry / Expansive Mood: Lack of restraint in expressing ones feelings, frequently with an overvaluation of ones significance or importance. irritable Easily annoyed and provoked to anger.

Other Words for Expansive

Expansive Noun Synonyms: expansible or expandable or expandible, inflatable, dilatable, extensible or extendible or extendable, extending, expanding, enlarging, spreading, opening or stretching (out)
Expansive Adjective Synonyms: broad, extensive, far-reaching, wide-ranging, comprehensive, widespread, all-embracing, (all-)inclusive

Other Words for Mood

Mood Adjective Synonyms: humour, attitude, inclination, disposition, nature, temper, frame of mind, spirit, atmosphere, sense, feeling

Mood-Congruent Psychotic Features

Science / Psychiatry / Mood-Congruent Psychotic Features: Delusions or hallucinations whose content is entirely consistent with the typical themes of a depressed or manic mood. If the mood is depressed, the content of the delusions or hallucinations would in MORE

Moodys Investment Grade

Business / Finance / Moodys Investment Grade: A rating of one through four assigned by Moody's Investor Service to municipal short-term bonds. MORE

Moodys Investors Service

Business / Finance / Moodys Investors Service: A security and bond rating agency publishing bond manuals and a common stock handbook annually. MORE

Moodys Investors Service, Inc.

Business / Taxes / Moodys Investors Service, Inc.: Moody's is a financial services company best known for rating investments. Moody's rates bonds, common stock, commercial paper, municipal short-term bonds, preferred stocks, and annuity contracts. Its MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Mood: (1) In literature, a feeling, emotional state, or disposition of mind--especially the predominating atmosphere or tone of a literary work. Most pieces of literature have a prevailing mood, but shifts MORE

Expansive Soils

Business / Construction / Expansive Soils: Earth that swells and contracts depending on the amount of water that is present. ('Betonite' is an expansive soil). MORE