Science / Psychiatry / Fantasy: An imagined sequence of events or mental images (e.g., daydreams) that serves to express unconscious conflicts, to gratify unconscious wishes, or to prepare for anticipated future events.

Other Words for Fantasy

Fantasy Noun Synonyms: make-believe, invention, cabrication, fiction, masquerade, fable, concoction, pretence
Fantasy Adjective Synonyms: imagination, fancy, creativity, inventiveness, creativity, originality

Fantasy Football

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Fantasy Football: A league based on the actual statistics of NFL players. Each team is assembled through an auction or a draft, with the objective to outscore your opponent each week. Leagues can use either basic scori MORE

Fantasy Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Fantasy Literature: Any literature that is removed from reality--especially poems, books, or short narratives set in nonexistent worlds, such as an elvish kingdom, on the moon, in Pellucidar (the hollow center of the ear MORE

Fantasy Novel

Entertainment / Literature / Fantasy Novel: Any novel that is removed from reality--especially those novels set in nonexistent worlds, such as an elvish kingdom, on the moon, in Pellucidar (the hollow center of the earth), or in alternative ver MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Eucatastrophe: (Grk. Eu+catastrophe, 'happy or fortunate ending') As Christopher Garbowski describes in the J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia, Tolkien coined this term in his Andrew Lang Lecture entitled 'On Fairy-stories MORE

Nebula Award

Entertainment / Literature / Nebula Award: An annual award given by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Association (SFFWA) for the best science fiction or fantasy work published during the previous two years. The categories inc MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Verisimilitude: The sense that what one reads is 'real,' or at least realistic and believable. For instance, the reader possesses a sense of verisimilitude when reading a story in which a character cuts his finger, a MORE